Trimble Joins the Alliance for OpenUSD (AOUSD)

Joining forces with other industry leaders, Trimble enhances AOUSD’s mission for interoperable 3D content and open standards advancement

WESTMINSTER, Colo., March 11, 2024 — Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced it has joined AOUSD as part of its continued commitment to fostering ecosystems that align with the company’s vision of transforming the way the world works.

The alliance seeks to standardize the 3D ecosystem by advancing the capabilities of OpenUSD (Universal Scene Description). Created by Pixar Animation Studios, USD is a high-performance extensible software platform for collaboratively constructing animated 3D scenes, designed to meet the needs of large-scale film and visual effects production. By promoting greater interoperability of 3D tools and data, AOUSD will enable designers and engineers to describe, compose, share, and simulate large-scale 3D projects and build an ever-widening range of collaborative 3D-driven products and services.

As a member of AOUSD, Trimble will actively engage in discussions related to OpenUSD’s existing functionality and the development of its new features. This involvement will help shape future specifications and directions of the OpenUSD technology stack, with the goal of defining the core functionality for how virtual 3D worlds will be described and interacted with in the future. 

Trimble specifically looks to contribute input to the Alliance’s standards for: 

  • Digital twins and industrial digitalization applications in urban planning, construction, transportation, robotics and IoT.
  • Attributed 3D data for geospatial and building information modeling (BIM) for industries such as architecture, engineering, construction and operations, (AECO) and the public sector. 
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning use cases across various industrial applications. 
  • Point cloud interoperability, visualization and optimization for massive amounts of real-world data capture from laser scans or other reality capture technologies. 

“We are thrilled to join AOUSD at this early stage and to support the community’s efforts to standardize OpenUSD,” said Aviad Almagor, vice president, technology innovation at Trimble. “Our goal is to help strengthen the OpenUSD ecosystem and democratize 3D, ensuring that all stakeholders benefit from the groundbreaking potential of sustainable and interoperable data standards.” 

“Industries are demanding wider adoption, integration, and standardization of OpenUSD to ensure interoperability and collaboration across multiple applications,” said Guy Martin, AOUSD steering committee vice chair & director of open source and standards at NVIDIA. “Trimble will help shape the standards that will advance 3D content generation and immersive experiences for creatives and professionals.” 

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